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Project Part 1

Research Report Summary


Feedback Received:

– Have you thought about synchronize human emotion into the 3D holographic technology

-Did you consider how does the user set up the app?

-People didn’t like to actively engage when watching TV.

-I didn’t know that people love to multi-task when watching TV.

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Issues and needs:

  • Streaming problem / smoothness.
  • Physical constraints of setting up the AV system, like signal interferences of physical wires.
  • Quality of digital music files still not as good as vinyl and CD music.
  • Easy control and access of music library.
  • Personal time without kids.

Comments received:

  • I did not know that there are differences between audio files.
  • Tell me more about the difference of AV system setup between user with and with our kids.
  • Have you though about users at different age group?
  • I did not know that children has impact on AV system.
  • Tell me more about the difference between streaming high quality music file and high quality movie file.

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1. I didn’t know that radios are no longer seen in the household.

2. Tell me more about the interactive digital media you mentioned in the background.

Interactive digital media refers to products and services on digital computer-based systems which respond to the user’s actions by presenting content such as text, graphics, animation, video, audio, games, etc.

3. Tell me more about how you create the environment.

I create a device for mode control for users to choose the environment mode they like, which involves the participation of virtual wallpaper, stereo system, intelligent lights and air producer, and thus to a user-friendly environment would be set.

4. Have you thought about that the cost of the whole system would stop people buying.

With the development of technology, all the devices would become cheaper in the future.

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IDEA 9106 Design Thinking 2014 Project, Part 1, Research Report

Research Report Summary Slide

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