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Design is a state of mind



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Research Poster – Assessment 1-pexi0461

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Week 2 Reflection ~pexi0461

– 1) How did working through different materials help you to explore and express potential solutions to a design problem?
I notice that different materials perform various functions, for instance, the pipe cleaners gives me a soft and tender feeling, while sticky tape don’t need to have that , it helps to build connections and polish the place it covered, cardboard is more like the foundation of the structure, arrange them properly can express the idea of the product prototype clearly.
– 2)What kinds of information and inspiration did the different materials give you? Did you have a favorite material?
I figure out that there is no good or bad in materials, only the use of it make the difference,  through the process  cleaner pipe gives me most inspiration, cause it contains more flexibility than others which really free my imagination of break the boundary of the shape of the material. The other reason I like it is that what I build is a chair for child, I guess the tender feeling of pipe is the best to fancy kids.
– 3)What did you change along the way? What did you learn from your prototypes?
I have to say the time limit really shocks me, and I become of scared of being can’t finish my whole idea, However, I learn that all I can control is the structure, the details verify a lot through the process, sometimes it develop it self around the needs. So with time limit I start to omit part and only leave the most important features.
– 4) How well did you address your user needs in the various design models you created?
I find a  stiff way to cater the need of my user, all the needs is included, but for some reason I just focus too much to provide all the functions together, after the reflection, I admit the chair lacks the feature of integrate, maybe I don’t need to add all the functions on it, it’s like my phone doesn’t need to looks like a chair, and customers won’t blame it.

Week 1 Gift Wrapping, pexi0461

1.  How did engaging with a real person, testing with a real person, change the direction your prototype took?
Engaging with a real person makes me feel more confident to make sure I can experience the same feeling and understand his need rather than just imagine the user experience. However, I still find that there are boundaries between different perception even among the same thing, which make me believe there are always works to do in terms of design for others.
2.  What was it like showing unfinished work to another person?
It’s a little embarrassing, cause you know that you can make it better latter whereas you just don’t have enough time to accomplish the whole idea, anyway, I try my best at the time, I do believe design is an iterative work and you cannot try to perfect it at the first time.
3.  As a User, how did you interact with your partner’s level of lowly-resolved prototype; how did the level of resolution impact your experience as a user?
I am curious about how easy it is to be misunderstand on what I really express, that makes me become more cautious to be egoistic believe that I can capture others feelings about things. The unexpected new solution really touch me and trigger the emotion of being cared, it’s like feeling you are important.
4.  Design thinking is an iterative, self-directed process. Based on what you learned, what would you go back and do next? What would you do over again?
I’d like to dig deeper into the feelings of my partner, so that the solution could really achieve what he need and surprise him. I realize that I need to figure out a different structure of the gift given experience, cause there are lots of steps to accomplish the gift deliver process, but all I need to do is to find the most significant weakness point to improve.
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5.  What principle, what tool would you infuse into the work tomorrow?
The principle I want to use is that maybe gift is just a hardware and we do need a software to make the gift given experience better. I’d like to use simplicity aesthetic way to design this app, cause what users want to do is figure out how to find a novelty way to send their gifts, not focus on how to use the app. The goal is to make them feel joy and different through their new gift given experience.

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