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Apple TV 2020 w ConTextile & ConDemand

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No Need for Outdated Blog Reflections


Is it still the case, and are people aware, that you only have to do five blog reflection posts in total and that they must be submitted within two weeks of the tutorial to which they refer?

People seem to be going to great effort to submit posts that indicate otherwise, not to mention adding an extra 200-300 hours of email deleting sessions to everyone else’s week 😛

Just made it!


mtsi4133 – Assignment 1 – Poster


I realise that my poster doesn’t say very much to someone who is unfamilar with the research that I conducted, but I know the subject matter well and gave a thorough presentation of the insights, user needs and background research that gave rise to the above three conceptual designs.

I used stimulus material in the form of videos as part of my surveys/interviews. There were three in total:
• Microsoft Hololens – a headset that enables the user to interact with three 3D holograms that are projected in front of them in real space.
• Jibo – a family robot with messaging and home automation capabilities, 360° rotating camera with face-tracking/user recognition and various network-enabled and entertianment applications.
• Sony Life Space UX – a concept that introduces laser projection and connected audio technology into exsting features of your home.

In line with the assessment guidelines, I created three intial concepts based on my research findings:
SlideScreen addresses the difficult sell that projection technology faced in the case of a number of my respondees. It gives projection a quality that would be much harder and more expensive to achieve with a physical sreen – that of moving and adjusting its angle in real time according to the viewer’s gaze and head position.
FollowMe is an application aimed at augmenting the Apple AirPlay ecosystem. It uses proximity sensors to adjust and cross-fade the volume of speakers according to listener’s location within their home. This technology seizes the opportunity to offer an app experience that is best on a smartwatch – a very rare thing – as smartwatches have struggled to gain market traction, because they don’t really do anything better than any product that we already own.
OnDemand is a voice-enabled search engine and associated smart TV app that aggregates search results not only from the net and your local network, but across any services to which you are subscribed such as Pay TV, VOD services, streaming media providers, music download distributors etc. It allows you to find any content that you have access to no matter where it is and play it within seconds – all without ever touching a thing.

During the Poster Critique Session (sponsored by 3M), I was asked a number of questions, but interest was so high that unfortunately only three of them were written down, because the rest of my group were swept away by these game-changing innovations that had leapt at them from what until that moment they believed to be the distant future where teams of genetically enhance super-scientists collaborate in psychic super-organism hive-brain-spaces in order to produce one such great idea per decade if they’re lucky..

The posted comments were as follows:

(In regard to FollowMe) Have you thought about how this could work without a device to give your location?

Response: Yes, but this is a realistic first step that does not require expensive sensor technology. I am actually exploring a much larger undertaking for my long-term design concept, which is supported by Microsoft Kinnect or Intel realSense camera setups throughout the home that not only bring your music to you, but your entire digital world of work and entertainment to every surface of your home. I call it “Climate Computing”.

(In regard to FollowMe) Have you thought about privacy concers associated with your music following you around?

Response: No. However, this could be a concern if more sensitive data like that mentiuoned above was taken in to consideration. Like any similar technology that contains personal information, security settings and preferences would be present so that the user decides just how much others can see.

Tell me more about how SlideScreen will work…

Response: SlideScreen uses eye-tracking and 3D scanning of body/head position to adjust the placement of a projection so that it sits on a surface that is the most comfortable for your current viewing position at any givem time.

I hope this makes up for the lack of text on my poster 🙂

Facebook Group Explosion

Hey guys,

A number of facebook groups have emerged related to IDEA9106 – Design Thinking, so if they apply to you, feel free to join them.

Design Thinking

Design Programming

Interface Design

Master of Interaction Design & Electronic Arts

Design Project Group

Calling Brilliant Minds

If you haven’t thought about what group to be in for the Design Project, now is the time.

We are looking for a third person with strong research skills and an eye for detail to join our project group. The ideal candidate will be familiar with creative software and web tools. Some background knowledge of filmmaking is desirable, but not imperative.

We’d ask you in person, but you may have noticed that we’re very shy guys and our English is not so good. Personally, I haven’t uttered a single word in class yet. Our group currently consists of myself (Michael Tsimnadis) and Armando Breton. Armando is a talented designer and well-versed in graphics and 3D packages. He runs a four-man creative studio of his own in Mexico City and is all about getting the job done well and done on time. My strengths lie in communication skills, asset creation and time management. I run my own business offering digital and social media consultancy to SMB’s and have worked as an editor (both text and video), copywriter and designer in various capacities for 15 years.

Website Capture
Here is a glimpse into my level of organisation. I have already created a project management website on Sharepoint with a common space for documents, tasks, group notes etc., with Stage 1 of Assignment 2 already allocated tentative completion dates for subtasks and all other stages and tasks preloaded and ready to go.

Anyone who is interested, should stay back after class for a few minutes for a chat. Even if you don’t necessarily want to join our group, you might want to stay back and organise a group of your own. See you in class.

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