This was my first time sketch-noting, it is a quite interesting activity, although for me it’s a bit of struggling due to my horrible sketching ability.

Idea maybe more essential than the sketching skills in this unit, but sketching is an excellent way to represent your idea, so it would be better if I’m am good at sketching.

Q1 Obviously, sketch-noting combines sketching and noting together, and this combination could make the note more interesting and easier to understand. It also requires logical thinking and design thinking, cause you have to translate what you’ve been heard to not only just text but also sketches, and when you review it, it should be easier to catch the main point and quicker to read (because the picture should be helpful with reading).

Q2 Sometimes, when you want to describe something you need to say a whole paragraph to explain what it is, how it works and so on, but if you sketchnote it, there could be just a couple of words and a few sketches. And that’s enough, easy to understand, easy to review, and making a note more interesting.

Q3 For me, the most challenging thing is the sketching skills. I think when I did sketchnoting in the tutorial, there were a few times that i wanted to draw something but i just couldn’t draw it in the right way and it made the sketches looks quite confusing and it slowed down my noting speed. So in the future I would like to improve my sketching skills as it is such a necessary skill for designers anyway.