1) How did working through different materials help you to explore and express potential solutions to a design problem?
Each material has different limits, and that is why the results are different. A specific shape or form, can be very easy to reflect with one material and very difficult with other material. Cardboard is good to show curved planar objects. With the pipe cleaner is easy to work with linear shapes but are also very easy so ensemble. With toothpicks and tape it is possible to build and ensemble, but is very hard to do a curved plan or line. Finally, what the results show, is different aspects of the same chair.

2) What kinds of information and inspiration did the different materials give you? Did you have a favourite material?
The cupboard was the material that inspired me the most. It was interesting how bending just one piece of cupboard the chair was totally recognizable.

3) What did you change along the way? What did you learn from your prototypes?

Along the way i realized that with the cupboard is more difficult to work in detail than with the other materials.
4) How well did you address your user needs in the various design models you created?

The idea was to build a chair for a person who finds very hard to stand up. For this reason, the chair was designed to be a chair that you actually don´t get to sit on, but helps you to rest comfortably. For that, the shape needs to be very ergonomic and i couldn´t make an ergonomic shape with the materials given.

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