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Aerobo product video

Aerobo product video

Affinity diagrams

This is a great way to organise a large amount of information. I wish I had known about this technique for the many brand workshops I have run with companies.

 It’s a great way to get everyone in a team communicating and involved in the organisation of information to try to solve even very complex problems. 
I think I could do with a bit of practice to finesse this technique and an keen to do further reading and perhaps training on it. 

Experience prototyping

I was initially skeptical of the body-storming technique as it really took me out of my comfort zone but I soon started to enjoy myself – it was quite a lot of fun.

I could also see the benefit because it is hard to understand what is feasible just from sketching and thinking about concepts. It became clear that certain ideas like bunks on a plane would be hard to implement due to the difficulty accessing them. This was only made clear from the team attempting to get onto the lower bunks (under the desks)

We could also better understand the spatial constraints of plane aisles and seating by acting out our concepts.



Empathy and de-familiarisation

It was interesting to step into the shoes of someone with limited sight. It made me feel insecure not being able to see for myself and needing to be guided around. I can see how this would be useful to visualise how a person would experience a product with a particular impairment.

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