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Blog 2 – jlat4820

How did working through different materials help you to explore and express potential solutions to a design problem?

Was a tough experience, specially if we think about the design that we’re trying to develop. Each one separately, was difficult to manage – actually I couldn’t finish any- but I think if we combine them the result could be much better. At the time, materials got huge potential that, but I didn’t get them well

What kinds of information and inspiration did the different materials give you? Did you have a favourite material?

Each material gave me a gaze in what the design needs; with all of them I realize about some issues that needs to be address. But the best material for this purpose was the cardboard, because was more solid than the others.

What did you change along the way? What did you learn from your prototypes?

Prototyping is a fundamental part of the design process. You can visualize a design, but build it is completely different and help you to address issues that you’ll not notice with out it.

How well did you address your user needs in the various design models you created?

The user was always first. I try to put that on the design and models, but in the prototype I realize that my design may be not that good for my user, so the models help me to see that.

Overall, prototyping your design ideas with different materials is the best way to realize about so issues and how to address; but at the same time, we need to focus more on the user, not on the models.


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