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Blog Reflection 04 – fyin5874


Blog Reflection 03 – fyin5874

Describe your experience of creating personas from different users’ perspectives gathered in the interview data. Was there enough commonality between the 4 people interviewed to form a coherent persona? Or did it make more sense to create a second different persona?

Through creating persona from 4 users perspectives gathered in the interview data, the results shows the commonality between our group to form a coherent persona. Because most of users have the same feeling during the scenarios.

Do you think your final persona(s) was successful in generating empathy with users? What would you change to make it better?

Yes, it was successful in generating  empathy with users. Creating persona makes me to get a better empathy with those different users. However, it could be improved by interviewing more users and preparing better questions.

Blog Reflection 02 – fyin5874

How did this exercise help you build empathy with prospective users?

By interpreting these interviews data, and cluster the same user needs with affinity diagram, I can learn about what users need and what issues they have in a clear and succinct way. Because the interviews contains too much irrelevant information and hard to distill the users needs. This exercise help me to know the technique of how to do that.

How did the clustering of information help you to understand user needs?

Sometimes, a single person’s need may not stand for most of people. However, clustering of information means that different people have the same needs or issues in the same themes, which help me to understand what they want to do and what issues they want to fix. These needs and issues many produce the basic functions of our products.

What was difficult or challenging with the technique? How would you do it better next time?

It is difficult to distill the valued information efficiently from so many interviews. And sometimes it is hard to group them in a correct way. For next time, the better questions in interviews lead to better results and feedbacks, which helps to gain users needs better. Therefore, the step of interview is very important.


Blog Reflection 01 – fyin5874

  • How is this sketchnoting technique different to the traditional note taking?

    Sometimes, using the traditional note taking method is hard to describe the idea that people want to express, it could, however by using a lot of complex sentences and the effect may be not as good as several sketches, marks and icons. For instance, if I want to describe the prototype of the car that I just came up with. It is quite difficult to tell other people what the car looks like by using traditional note taking method. However, if I sketch the car with few words to support, which will clearly express what I want to show.IMG_4451

  • How does this visual approach facilitate communication of your ideas? Conversely, how does it prevent it?

    As I answered in the question one, visual information is a simple way to describe the complex ideas and designs. People remember and understand pictures better and faster than pure text description. And it is difficult to imagine something described with pure text.

    Conversely, sketchnoting has its own weakness. It may takes too much time to draw something you really want to show and sketching skill need to be trained. For example, it takes me too much time on sketching the materials for my Beef Noodle Recipe and I did not finish it. It might be better to use traditional note taking to write recipes. But the visual version looks better. Decide which approach to use depends on how many time you can afford.  There is a method to prevent this issue but need a lot of training – to distill the very key components of the objects you want to sketch instead of drawing a perfect picture.IMG_2539

  • Personal challenges as a sketchnoter.

    The first challenge is to distill everyday things to a simple sketch. I need a lot of training to draw them quickly, consistently and concisely.

    The second challenge is to plan the structure of your notes during note taking. It is difficult to plan in advance if you don not know what you are going to record. There are several common structures such as waterfall, grid, radial or freeform. It is quite helpful if I choose them correctly to build my note structure but still need to practice.IMG_2009

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