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Tutorial 3: Creating Personas

Describe your experience of creating personas from different users’ perspectives gathering in the interview data. Was there enough commonality between the 4 people interviewing to form a coherent persona? Or did it make more sense to create a second different persona? 

Creating personas was a very valuable and creative experience. The group I was engaged with was consisted of only three people, so the data we collected wasn’t sufficient, however we followed the procedure and we successfully managed to collect data that led us to identify potential patterns. I believe that if we had more data, we would create a second persona, as there were some differences between the interview data of the users.

Do you think your final persona was successful in generating empathy with users? What would you change to make it better? 

I believe that our persona was successful in generating empathy with users. Our persona belongs to this group of people who don’t use the train that often, thus they don’t own an Opal card. She is a young professional who is rushing to her job but misses her train when she spends time while making a transaction at the ticket counter. She also gets frustrated by the heat at the train station, so the experience of her using a train is not very positive. I can think of many cases that this have happened to me or to other people I am related to, so that makes us empathise with the persona.

Steps of the procedure of creating our persona:


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