1. How is this sketch-noting technique different to the traditional note taking?

Sketch-noting involves mapping ideas spatially by concept, rather than traditional note taking which is lineally down the page. It can include images, diagrams, visual links or arrows, and differing typography. 

2. How does this visual approach facilitate communication of your ideas? Conversely, how does it prevent it?

The visual approach to presenting information serves to make it more easily digestible for the reader or viewer. An outline of the main concepts can be immediately recognized, and sub-points logically organised, ready for deeper inquiry. This means that information can not only be received quicker, but also in a more memorable way due to striking layout and other visual features. These are personally chosen by the sketch-noter to provide emphasis through hierarchy, and in this way can produce a more unique interpretation of the information than merely presenting all content with an equal weight.

Disadvantages of sketch-noting may arise when there are too many inter-links within the information, thus presenting chaos, or when the information is best received chronologically in the first place. Sketch-noting also has the negative potential to over-simplify, distort or skew the interpretation of the information.

3. Personal challenges as a sketch-noter.

I find sketch-noting to be a challenging way of note-taking for when the information is being received for the first time. At this stage, I have not yet developed a mental map of the main concepts, so just jotting them down on the page spatially as they arise may lead to mis-placement and the wrong weighting. I find myself running out of space that I only speculatively assigned to a category or concept. I also found it to be time consuming to develop the visual features simultaneous to absorbing the information. I think sketch-noting is best undertaken in subtle ways to begin with, but is a truly excellent way of presenting the information once you know most of the information and have already given it just a tiny bit of thought!