How did working through different materials help you to explore and express potential solutions to a design problem?
– As an industrial designer I can clearly say that researching on potential materials before starting any project is part of the key to have a successful project execution. So yes, the trial and error experiments on different materials helps a lot to find the right solution to any design problem.
What kinds of information and inspiration did the different materials give you? Did you have a favorite material?
– That we need to have into consideration when brainstorming and sketching our designs, tthat we have to do a lot of research on different materials, your access to them, their properties and production processes that exist nowadays to avoid problems when materializing our ideas.
– Knowing the properties of each material can give you a huge panorama of what you can do with them. Each material may inspire you to create different things.
– I think I preferred working with the pipe cleaners for this exercise.
What did you change along the way? What did you learn from your prototypes?
– As you use and feel each material, you are constantly re considering the way to create things. I learned that materials have their own limitations and advantages over the others.
How well did you address your user needs in the various design models you created?
– I think my client (Lisa) was really happy after the chair I made. It was pretty ergonomic and accomplished what she asked for (a very comfortable chair)