How is this technique different to the traditional note taking?

In traditional note taking one would basically write down passages of a particular presentation that would help learning or assimilating a given concept and will help when trying to recapitulate the main points of what was learned, usually this happens a linear format. In sketchnoting the use of visual cues not only aid in the assimilation of a given concept but it also helps break down long passages of notes adding some interest and fun to what otherwise be a boring and, at times, hard to recap topic.

How does this visual approach facilitate communication of your ideas?Conversely, how does it prevent it?

Sketchtnoting can and when done right can imensely improve one’s cognitive learning and the added benefits of storing information in our long term memory increases dramatically. After my first exposure to visual note taking in my tutorial I noticed that a single image could bring back a series of concepts I was exposed to in a talk or presentation.

However, this is not to say it doesn’t have it’s flaws when not done right. The use hierarchy and separating/deciding what’s important vs what’s not are very important skills and can be detrimental to overall learning if the message details get in the way of the message. While a picture can mean a thousand words, as the saying goes, at times using a simple phrase can pass on much more information and knowing when to use a drawing vs phrases is something we all should work to achieve.

Personal challenges as a sketchnoter.

My challenges are not only based on my limitations as an illustrator but also my ability to make quick decisions and prioritise the important over the trivial so a message in clearly understood not only by me but also to whoever has access to my notes. I really look forward to it though, I had my eyes set on that book for a while and will try to use it as much as possible to improve my skills.