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Week 6: Experience Prototyping

Blog Reflection 06.

Sleeping In Airplanes

1. How did physically acting out help to explore ideas?

By physically acting out the scenario I was able to experience difficulties that I didn’t previously think to exist. As we explored different issues further it opened our minds to different experiences by others, not just ourselves. There’s no way we’d have discovered half the problems we did if we hadn’t put ourselves in other’s shoes.

2. Did you refine your ideas and solutions to the problem through bodystorming? In what way?

As a result of bodystorming, we were able to refine as well as expand our ideas and solutions. By covering as many possible areas of error, we could nail it down to a specific solution.

3. What was difficult or challenging about bodystorming?

Other factors such as external conditions (weather/ turbulence/ food etc) that could impede on people’s experiences. It was easy enough to role-play a particular event, but i’m sure when you’re up in the sky it would be hard to imagine what it would really be like unless you had previously experienced these problems yourself. However, to gain a general idea we still managed rather well. It’s very hard to forget that 24 hour “stop-over-in-China-over-night-another-12-hours-to-England” flight in Economy.

4. Does bodystorming lend itself to certain types of problems?

Absolutely. We discovered that at the end of the day, it’s the quality of the chair that affects how we sleep on planes. Although there were other factors such as crying babies, that annoying guy who always bumps the chair from behind, or the one in front that makes you spill your hot tea everywhere, the one who stretches out and almost knocks you out, it’s the ergonomics of the chair that irritates people the most. We discovered that almost all economy seats are too small and uncomfortable, which was the main reason why people were challenged sleeping on planes.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset
Our sleeper (top left) is disturbed by the misbehaving baby (top right), the grumpy old man (bottom right) and the rigorous stretcher (bottom left).

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