This week is Aesthetic sampling, framing and relabelling. Last week, we formed our team and we have visited our project site. That site is near the old school building and the typical object is a wood bridge and a bench. In week one, we have evaluated that place and decided to explore the bridge. The bridge attracted us a lot due to its peaceful atmosphere. Through site mapping, we found that people who want to go to old school building will walk along the bridge. Therefore, do something on the bridge can be a good idea. Due to our experience at site 7, as a whole, it gives us a feeling of silence and comfortable. People walk through the bridge always move fast and quickly, they nearly not stay on the bride. Moreover, we were attracted by the leaves which were rustling in the wind. It was such a beautiful sound. The sound inspired us a lot and one idea came up to us, we decided to create a huge piano keyboard on the bridge which can also have a beautiful sound when people step on it. To be honest, this place is a little desolate and we need to do some interesting games to let people pay attention to it.  We created three interaction games. One is hopscotch, the bridge will be decorated with some LEDs and people can play hopscotch according to the instructions.  The second game is similar to the hopscotch, it aims to let people chase the LEDs on the board. The third game is according to a Chinese folk dance, we plan to project the sketch of that dance on the board.