1) How did thinking in terms of shots and scenes influence your approach to communicating your design concept?

Shots and scenes make our design concept more visual and clear by showing some details. It could also help us take more other things which maybe are easily ignored into account in real experience. In this way, we could refine and improve each step of our project by considering the issues which we found according to the storyboard. In addition, using a proper storyline could provide audiences or users a clear and reasonable method to make sense with our project.

2) What motivated your choice of storyline structure? Can you think of an exemplary from a film that uses the same structure?

According to What, When, Where, How and Why, these guidelines make our design concepts more clear and logical to both audiences and ourselves. In addition, the storyline structure is a simplified approach to present our ideas and what we want to show. I watched this structure in many movies as well as ads. And most of them can make a deep impression on the audiences.

3) What choices did you make about audience and style? Were they related?

Because of our target audiences are female, we paid more attention to how to catch their emotion and feeling when they using our design. In my mind, it is necessary that the audience and style have to related. As a designer, only in this way, it could be possible that our audiences and potential users can make high sympathy with us and our design.