1 How did physically acting out help to explore ideas?

when i was a high school student, i came up an activity plan while jogging. in my point of view, when doing sport, my head is very lucid and i can easily focus on a issue. no people and electronic equipment disturbs my thinking.

even now, i also use jogging to help me to explore ideas and think solutions. running   is not only a good way to make exercise but also to explore ideas.

2 Did you refine your ideas and solutions to the problem through bodystorming? In what way?

Yes, i refined my ideas by bodystroming. bodystorming a new word which comes from brain storming. For example, in a tutorial, all students were asked to propose some ideas to improve services on airplane. when i walking around in the classroom, i found that i have to move round tables and chairs constantly which annoyed me very much. Then i realized that this situation appears on plane too, so i propose to expand the space between seats which will improve the comfort for customers.

3 What was difficult or challenging about bodystorming?

i think  the difficult about bodystorming is space. in daily live , we possibly do not have enough space to do it. moreover, bodystorming means we need to do action and move to inspire thinking but in public area such as school, library, and office. Most people are shy to act differently with others because, these actions will attract others’ attention and blamed by others. Therefore, although we know bodystorming is a good way to explore ideas, few people would like to use it.

  1. Does bodystorming lend itself to certain types of problems?

In my opinion, bodystorming lend itself to some problems because it is not easily used by designers. Dislike brainstorming, participants only need to talk and use words to express ideas and feelings. it allows lot of people to join in. In contrast, some ideas come up by bodystorming may be hardly understood by others because our partners possiblely cannot have the same feeling and thinking from others’ actions