Reflection 8


User observation

User: being a user in this task could build the empathy easily and be engaged in the design process. It is easily identifying what problem you may have when you are using the specific prototype. In addition, it is also useful to find out some parts of the prototype have been done well which could be maintain in the further development. For example, using USYD library is time-consuming because there were loads of information in front of you, and we need to filter the useful information for our task.



As an evaluator, it is important to pay much attention to users’ behaviors even facial expressions, which are all contribute to gain feedback to improve the functions of our products.



Think aloud

User: it is the first time I’ve used this technique. As a result, it is hard for me that keep talking what I am doing and performing the task at the same time. Sometimes I felt I had nothing to say or did not know how to describe my current thoughts.


Evaluator: when uses is performing the task, we need to write down the uses’ operations and other important related information. I think it would be better to record the uses’ voice, which will promote the further design process. It is also important that don’t interrupt uses when they are doing the task, and don’t lead or give use instructions.