Choose one of the objects you selected and describe how your initial understanding of its affordances changed over the course of the exercise?

The object I chose was a folk. In common sense, a folk could only be used as a tool when having meals. However, after its affordances changed I found that it can also be redesigned as a scratchback when attached with chopsticks.

Given that affordances is a relational property between a person and an object, how did the manipulation of the object and the person’s abilities inform your understanding of the concept? Did it give you inspiration or insight for how to work with affordances as a designer? Discuss this through the specific objects you explored in the exercise.

It is supposed to be the most common thing to use a pair of chopsticks. However, when I was asked to use it without my thumb, I felt empathic with disable people. I tried many times and none of the attempts was successful. Through this exercise, I realized that I should always think about all the users including disables, LGBT etc. It also brought me another perspective as a designer.