1)Choose one of the objects you selected and describe how your initial understanding of its affordances changed over the course of the exercise?

Rubber glove initially and mainly show the affordance of wearing to me, the other affordance like throwing, pulling are hidden affordances. After I wrap the glove with aluminium foil, there is no perceivable affordance anymore, I did not feel any thing familiar on the new object. The shape is not like a glove, therefore, the affordance of wearing is now hidden.

2)Given that affordances is a relational property between a person and an object, how did the manipulation of the object and the person’s abilities inform your understanding of the concept? Did it give you inspiration or insight for how to work with affordances as a designer? Discuss this through the specific objects you explored in the exercise.

The affordance could be different for a object to another person, even for one person, the affordance of a object is dynamic due to the status of the person. Therefore, we may not directly design affordance, but if we take a close look at the potential users and evaluate the affordance between these users and the product, we can actually make the affordance more appealing. For example, I wrapped my hand with aluminium foil and my fingers can not be apart for each other, and the affordance of multi-touch function on my phone is gone, and the affordance of less precise control is now more appealing.