Choose one of the objects you selected and describe how your initial understanding of its affordances changed over the course of the exercise?

The object I selected is my phone charger line, it supposed to use to charge my phone. After I try to find the affordances, I figure out the charger also can be the holder, other objects can hang on it.

Given that affordances is a relational property between a person and an object, how did the manipulation of the object and the person’s abilities inform your understanding of the concept? Did it give you inspiration or insight for how to work with affordances as a designer? Discuss this through the specific objects you explored in the exercise.

I covered my eyes to finish the exercises,  I try to use the scissor to cut a piece of star. Firstly I thought I could not complete the exercise. However, after I begin to do it, I thought it is not that hard to complete it. Since the affordance of the scissor is so clear, so I am able to use it in a right way. After this exercise, I know the affordance is one of the most important factor while the designer designs the object.