Q1. Physically act out firstly is a funny activity. Me and my teammates had a lot of fun during this activity and in this pleasant conditional it is easy for members collaborating well. While we acting as the user, we could come up with some ideas that may not be found by just brainstorming.

Q2. We were simulating the situation in the doctors waiting room, and as we body storming we found that the seats in the waiting area may not suit for every patient such as someone who are really sick and they want to lie down to have a little bit comfort. So we decide to refine the waiting chair to an extendable one, so that if its needed, the patients can extent the chair to a bed to have a rest.

Q3. The good about body storming is you could have lots of fun while you acting. However, if there is too much fun and exaggerate acting, the whole group could lose their focus on the real topic and start to make more fun and that is actually not necessary.

Q4. Yes. For the certain types of problem. But as for some situation that hard to act out, it may not.