Q1. Usually when you design, your target user group is those majorities, but there are always someone who have extreme or special needs that the majority doesn’t. So when you design something for them, you need really take their unusual and exaggerate view into account. This may seems unrealistic in a normal point of view, however, some more creative ideas may come up.


Q2. Storyboards for me is the most efficient and useful one to help me expressing my ideas and cooperating with my teammates. It is an easy way to explain your idea or understand others’ idea. The Story one I think is a alternative form of storyboard. It is a form with more details in text and without visual assistance like sketches. This method is helpful as well but not that efficient like storyboard. As for the provocation cards one, I’m not sure if this could help to organize our ideas. Most of the words on the card are useless for our topic and we found that although we picked up some words from that, we have no idea how it could help with our work. So personally speaking, storyboard is the best way to work through ideas and collaborate with group.