How did physically acting out help to explore ideas?

Physically acting out ideas helped tremendously in the spatial design of the problem (sleeping in aeroplanes). By understanding the limitations of the space, new ideas generated allowed for  the creation of a  practical solution.

Did you refine your ideas and solutions to the problem through bodystorming? In what way?

Initially, my group body stormed how a normal passenger would sit in an aeroplane seat. We then proceeded to understand how different passengers sleep on aeroplanes. This helped in designing a universal solution to the problem. We began to think of what was possible in that space provided; we had one person directing the people and chairs and another drawing up concept sketches / taking pictures to the solution provided. By bodystorming initially and then refining through sketches, we found a good solution. We then proceeded to analyse our initial brainstorm on what problems users felt on aeroplanes and whether our solution solved those issues.

What was difficult or challenging about bodystorming?

The difficulties of body storming is the directing of people to reflect the idea in your head. Sometimes it is not physically possible without other props or people. The conflict of ideas is another issue but luckily in my group everyone was on the same train of thought and new ideas generated iterated on the initial idea.

Does bodystorming lend itself to certain types of problems?

A problem I see with body storming is that ideas generated are limited to the tangible objects around you. More innovative or far-fetched ideas would be hard to generate with body storming as objects around could limit imagination and creativity.