1. How did taking the position of an Extreme User influence your thinking in relation to the design challenge? Was it different to how you usually generate ideas and empathy?

It is quite hard for me to create a character base on my imagination, therefore I do feel my character a bit superficial. I believe it would be better if I do some research before I start to create the story. This method is definitely different from what I usually do, yet I allowed to think more in other’s position and have empathy with the character.

2.  Did any of the other design thinking techniques (design provocation cards, stories, storyboards, etc.) help you to work through ideas and collaborate with your group members?

Between our group, we shared our stories and discussed how the future payphone booth will become more playful and has different use compare now. Meanwhile, we have drawn a storyboard in order to make the story clearer and visualise the story.