How did taking the position of an Extreme User influence your thinking in relation to the design challenge? Was it different to how you usually generate ideas and empathy?

Taking the position of an extreme user made the design challenge easy. I created a fictional character “the money spinner” – my thinking centred around Riley – the entrepreneurial backdoor casino operator. I didn’t have to dive deep into my users head because I already understood his motivations and needs. I really enjoyed having the creative freedom to design a solution (no matter how crazy it seems). The extreme user approach is unrestricted while the typical empathy building and ideation process relies heavily on gathering and interpreting relevant user data.

Did any of the other design thinking techniques (design provocation cards, stories, storyboards, etc.) help you to work through ideas and collaborate with your group members?

User stories and storyboards were very helpful in the ideation process. User stories add context to the solution – how would Riley act (based on his motivations and needs) when interacting with the potential idea/solution. Storyboards add visual context to the solution – giving my group members the “full picture” – this made combining and fleshing out ideas easy as we were all on the same page during the ideation process.

– Travis