1) How did physically acting out help to explore ideas?

  • Our group first began by listing down the many problems encountered in a doctor’s waiting room. We began by brainstorming and collating 8 different issues faced by a patient. Physically acting out the listed issues allowed us to experience the issues in real life by putting ourselves in the shoes of other people – or in this case, the many kinds of patients that visit a hospital/medical clinic.
  • For the second exercise which was about ‘sleeping in planes’- it was quite easy for everyone to brainstorm and list down problems faced by airline passengers.

2) Did you refine your ideas and solutions to the problem through body-storming? In what way?

  • Body-storming the ideas enabled us to notice one major issue faced by all patients alike – varying waiting times. By setting up a replica of a waiting room, we were able to visualize the scenarios and come up with effective solutions. Similarly, while trying to replicate the scenario in a plane, we were able to identify one of the most common problems to be the uncomfortable seats which cause body pain by the end of the flight.

3) What was difficult or challenging about body-storming?

  • I personally found the process of body-storming to be quite easy to understand and follow. I also thought that the activity helps to better understand and visualize many different types of situations – especially when done in groups with role playing.

4) Does body-storming lend itself to certain types of problems?

  • Body storming in my opinion lends itself quite well to activities where more than 3 people are involved.