1. How did physically acting out help explore ideas?

Physically acting out the scenarios, makes you think of the whole process which happens and the possibility of problems occuring. When starting to act out problems start becoming clear. We found it hard to move past a problem to the next scene or problem.

2. Did you refine your ideas and solution to the problem through bodystorming?

Both yes and no. When we were bodystorming we created imagined situations and got a broad concept of what extent the problem can be. The best way found in this bodystorming was that it requires multipul people and multipul perspectives and actions opening out more variety of responses.

3. What was difficult or challenging about bodystorming?

Bodystorming was normally quite straightforward. Im not sure if this is thr normal case but my group often struggled with being stuck on one idea or problem for too long. It also is quite an exhausting method as it requires alot of effort.

4. Does bodystorming lend itself to certain types of problems?

Bodystorming is an excellent method for expanding your mind to others opinions and ideas. The physical acyivity required also gives you a different perspective. I think it is a good solution for every day problems which is common knowledge where people have their own experiences and perspectives.