Q1. How did taking the position of an extreme user influence your thinking in relation to the design challenge? Was is different to how you usually generate ideas and empathy?

Extreme user has exaggerated personalities, which is easier to understand user’s motivations, needs than a normal person. It is different to generating ideas and empathy from a “real” person. It allows me to think freely what he/her want about my product/service, because extreme user is created by me, and boundless thinking could generate more innovation.

Q2. Did any of the other design thinking techniques (design provocation cards, stories, storyboards etc) help you to work through ideas and collaborate with you group members?

Design provocation cards help us to enrich characters of our user by collecting everyone’s thoughts. It shows more than one aspect of our user which is more closed to a real man in our life. Storyboards is an interesting way to express our ideas. Through sketching, it can show user’s experience in a clearly and directly way.