1). How did taking the position of an extreme user influence your thinking in relation to the design challenge? Was it different to how you usually generate ideas and empathy?

It is quite different to generate ideas by taking the position of an extreme user. Mostly, I would not pay much attention on such an extreme user group, because they could not represent the public users. From looking at an extreme user, it provides me a chance to think differently and explore new design possibilities.


2). Did any of the other design thinking techniques (design provocation cards, stories, storyboards, etc.) help you to work through ideas and collaborate with your group members?

Design provocation cards is a good design thinking technique for our group members to come up many ideas in a short time, and it is also a good method to record ideas concisely. About the storyboards, it’s a useful technique to represent our ideas with stories, and we can understand other group members’ ideas from their storyboards. Compared with text, storyboards provides us not only an interesting way to represent ideas but also make us understand of others’ ideas easier.