1. Briefly reflect on the lessons learnt from each exercise

    a. Reflective listening: As a listener i have more responsibilities towards the speaker, i must interact with the speaker by facial expression and deeply questions, thus the speaker  feel comfortable while he is talking. Besides that, the more the questions are deeper it become easy and clear to understand the speaker’s thought.

    b. Defamiliarisation of everyday reality: The videos were  very familiar with my daily life, everyday i use train and bus transportations i hear same voices, same movements and same signs. It is my daily experience standing in platform or inside the bus. So nothing changed to me since i used to focus on the same details everyday.

    c. Empathic modelling: New great experience by wearing sunglasses covered with cling wrap helps us finding how the user feels and what he needs especially the  eye – disabled people while walking in dark places and how the light looks for them. So for designing such products we have to experience how it feels and how its hard to deal with to reach the best results.

  2. Complement your reflections with photographs of the process

    IMG_2401 2   IMG_2404 2

    3. Include a scanned copy of your defamiliarisation forms (public transport)IMG_2853  IMG_2854