1. Briefly reflect on the lessons learnt from each exercise

a. Reflective listening

I feel like I’m fine to be both listener and speaker, it is quite to interesting to listen to others experience, and it is actually surprised me about how many details you can gather by just talking to others. On the other hand, being a speaker is also quite interesting, I do feel comfortable share my experience with others. Meanwhile, by sharing our life experiences with each other, allows me to understand how other’s opinions can be different from yours better.

b. Defamiliarisation of everyday reality

I did not feel much different or uncomfortable while I was watching the video. However, when I was watching the video, I did pay more attention to my surrounding than when I actually taking the public transport. Therefore, I was able to find out what can be improved in terms of public transport.

c. Empathic modelling
When I was wearing the wrapped sunglasses and walking down the hallway, I felt really insecure even I partner was holding my hand. Although I am rather familiar with the building, and I was able to see stuff vaguely, yet I still fear the unknown. Meanwhile, we I was taking the photos, I was not quite clear about what is the object I was taking the photo from, and I was unable to decide which angle is better for the photo taking. By doing the exercise I was able to have some knowledge about how those who are blind or can see things clearly feel in their everyday life.

2)  Complement your reflections with photographs of the process IMG_5649 2IMG_5646 2

3)  Include a scanned copy of your defamiliarisation forms (public transport)

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