1. Briefly reflect on the lessons learnt from each exercise

a. Reflective listening
Listening to others’ idea is a good way for reflection. For one thing, it could lead to a comparison and integration. In terms of the same issue, we might have different perspective, so others’ words is a good way to balance the objective and subjective, to find the different and the common sense. For another, we could detect for more possibilities towards one issue or direction. The more we receive, the more insights we will get.

b. Defamiliarisation of everyday reality
there was no physical sense of catching a bus or stand beside the platform, it was more likely to watch a familiar scenes from another person’s eyes.
This mission lead us to think about one issue from various dimensions, without any recalls of previous elements but trying to detect sth fresh and new in a different perspective.
This is an efficient approach to discover some specific details about a previous problem that we totally ignored, without the limitation of old impression, and traditional mindset.

c. Empathic modeling
Just similar to i mentioned above, this tentative mission is another open-ended approach that enables us focusing sth different from everyday life. By Challenging pre-existing concepts, we could accessing deeper layer of experience. By utilizing this approach, we could access to personal attitudes and behaviors without intrusion. By empathic users, we could engage with users, understand the mutual feeling and informed with diverse ideas. Therefore understand the needs and desires of users in a real-world setting.