Briefly reflect on the lessons learnt from each exercise:

  1. Reflective listening

It is a useful communication tool to learn empathy with our users, because I should feel the things my partner said in his perspectives. Because everyone has different opinions on the same things, so it can enrich my view of one certain things. It is also can help me to build relationship with my partner because I can know his thought and experiences.

  1. Defamiliarisation of everyday reality

It help me to recall some memories and details that I haven’t realized intentionally before. Through these two simple short video, it connects many memory in my mind, and I can feel myself be personally on the scene.

  1. Empathic modelling

It gives me a totally different versions of a familiar building in my daily life. I heavily rely on bright color and easy recognized shape to help me know my direction. So I resized the inconveniences of other disabled person who are in this condition.