Briefly reflect on the lessons learnt from each exercise 

/ Reflective listening

This help us to understand the different roles of listener and speaker. As the speaker I found that I have no preparation for what I would like to say, and just say what I thought at that moment. It could explore the deep thoughts in my mind that I haven’t realized by myself before. As the listener, I would imagine myself into the stories that speaker say to get the empathy towards to what the speaker has experienced before. It helps us to know other’s thought and experiences.

/ Defamiliarisation of everyday reality

It helps me to explore the memories and what I have experienced before. For the simple movement of the train or bus, I could come up with lots of different scenario and situations. I would imagine that I was a part of the video.

/ Empathic modelling 

This is a real interesting exercise that if I lose the virtual, I would be led by others. The cling wrap covered safety glasses and camera could let me get the new feelings and sights for the previous familiar world.