a. reflective listening

This part practice is more like that you are listening a person’s story and like a friend. Need both listener and speaker join the activity. As a listener, I faced a person who I know nothing about him/her. It was very interesting that you can know other people’s story, but also it was a challenge that you needed to know a person in a short time. When I became a speaker, the hard part for me is that I need to give my ket information in a short time, so I needed to choose the most importation part.

b. defamiliarization of every day reality

It was a very fun experience for me that I watched the familiar places in a different view.  I have never putted my attention on my body’s feeling. Also I found some reasons why I feel uncomfortable when I take public transports. For example, the buses noise could be a key factor making passengers anxiety.

c. empathic modelling

It is a very useful way that can let designers know what problems need to be solved. For example, I noticed that the color of wall and light are two virtual factors that can make people easily know the structure of the building. IMG_1764.JPG