1. How did taking the position of an extreme user influence your thinking in relation to the design challenge? Was it different to how you usually generate ideas and empathy?

The position of the extreme user provides a new playful perspective to the design process. Forming this fake persona both requires the thought of what will this person be like and what are the driving factors while breaking down possible needs. This process does seem to skim the surfaces of real life problems but can be a great starting point to developing new ideas.

This process is very different than putting yourself in some one elses shoes (traditional emapthy) as you formulate a person based on a very conceptual idea and then ground the conceptual idea into the humain realm.

2. Did any of the other design thinking techniques help you work through your ideas and colaborate with your group members?

We used a variety of techniques which we used over the past weeks in our group efforts. When deciding on what group to focus on we used the listener and speaker (week 3) to break down thoughts on the four groups and interests. I was the speaker in this context, this technique lets everyone have their thoughts heard (well appart  from the speaker) and come to a agreed result faster. Through the data production process we used affinity diagrams to mind map our thoughts as a mind map and zone our thoughts in groups. These techniques sped up our thought process while providing more coherent results.