1. Briefly reflect on the lessons learnt from each exercise

The exercise that we participated in is actually very interesting and attractive to a computer programer. As we never had similar experience before, we could not imaging what is it would exploit to us.

Emerging yourselves in a virtual reality and tried to feel the situation is hard for people who touch this exercise first time, but after thinking and imaging and combining with personal experience, it is possible for almost all of us to participate in it.

Cover glasses with a piece of plastic obscured our eye sight, but created a new method to feel this word–which is colourful and fulfilled with wander.

2. Defamiliarisation of everyday reality

Almost everyday, we carried our heavy computer and running for learning at the same places. The things we learned is boring and hardly have the experience that allowed us live in unfamiliarity. This is a good method to inspire

3. Empathic modelling

This method is quite similar as computer simulations, but sometimes it is hard to feel the accurate body parts that suffer from some pain or joy, especially when it turns to thinking process.