Briefly reflect on the lessons learnt from each exercise a). reflective listening b). defamiliarisation of everyday reality c). empathic modelling

a). Reflective listening

After this exercise, I found it is not easy to be either role of an interviewer or an interviewee. As a listener, the main job is to describe based on what he listened. For me, I found that relevant and consistent questions was helpful for the interview. I prefer to be a speaker first so that I could have a better view on what to ask next.

b). Defamiliarisation of everyday reality

It is a brand-new experience to watch the video about the process of daily travel, it made me reflected several problems which I never realize during the daily travel.

It also provided me another view on my daily life. When you get used to do something every day, you tend to not to notice the things bother you however, once you are given an opportunity to review it such as watching it in a video, you will find those negative features.

c). Empathic modelling

Empathic modelling was an interesting exercise. I saw a totally different and unfamiliar world after using the cling wrap.

During this exercise, I found that once I was looking at that scene, I tended to focus on colour which I always ignore in the daily life. I also have to say that since the view was covered by cling wrap, colour was the only thing that I could tell.