Question 1

Describe your experience of creating personas from different users’ perspectives gathered in the interview data. Was there enough commonality between the 4 people interviewed to form a coherent persona? Or did it make more sense to create a second different persona?

There was some commonality among the four people in the group to create a coherent persona. Naturally all group members are uni students, which share some similarity in their lifestyle. But there was a divide between the age demographics and work. Two of the respondents were older and working whilst the two younger respondents weren’t.

The process overall intuitive and smooth. By asking similar questions about public transport, we have good feedback about the certain area, for example, the waiting experience of public transport. After doing this we went back and separating the research into variables, and mapped four people on those variables to define the demography of the persona.

Question 2

Do you think your final persona(s) was successful in generating empathy with users? What would you change to make it better?

We create two persona based on interview. It think the final persona represent the target user group. The only concern is our persona is more like a user profile which is not very vivid and rich. For future persona I want to make it more juicy with strong personality and features. Because I think a clear vision of persona can provide more guide to the design decision.