Briefly reflect on the lessons learnt from each exercise

a.Reflective listening

I felt comfortable as being a listener as it’s my nature. I felt interesting to listen to others about their experiences. But it’s also challenging to keep the conversation going as it depends how you interact with others. On the other hand, I did not expect too much on my role as a speaker as I rarely speak a lot. But in the end it was surprisingly turned out how long I was able talk about the topic we chose.  Overall after this exercise I found out neither speaking nor listening is an easy role to do as both requires to thinking and processing data in a short of time.

b.Refamiliarization of everyday reality

For train station platform video, I did not felt a lot except boredom. Sydney train service is one of worst transportation I have ever experienced and disliked. One of main reason is because of the limited scenery from the train window which leads to extreme boredom. The view is either underground or bush plant, nothing interested me. For the bus video, I have a complete different emotion on taking a bus. Since bus has a better scenery view than train, I felt interesting to watch what is passing on me and things on the street through window. I think this exercise allow us to take further deep understanding of the functioning of transport in a human-centered perspective.

c.Empathic modelling

This was a quite familiar exercise for me, or for people who wearing glasses. Especially during rainy day, I have to take off my glasses and clean it while walking. It’s the same situation as watch things through cling wrapped glasses or phone. From experience, by see things blurry, it’s an instinct to identify large or common object first. Instantly color and shape become the two important criteria to identify object.