• Briefly reflect on the lessons learnt from each exercise
    • Reflective listening
      • When trying to listen on what the user was saying it was a bit hard to extract information without beign too intrusive or heading the conversation a certain way.
    • De familiarization of everyday reality
      • This was a very interesting exercise where eeryday things became a completily new by thinking about what goes on with our thoughts and emotions while doing these things. It gave me a completily new perspective on what goes on automatically.
    • Emphatic modeling
      • While doing this exercise, it gave me great insight on the difficulties that different users face based on their capabilities and limitations, how hard certain things would be that without putting ourselves in the user’s shoes we wouldn’t be able to get a grasp on
  • Complement your reflections with photographs of the process
  • Include a scanned copy of your de familiarization forms (public transport)

DT Transport 2DT Transport