Q1 Briefly reflect on the lessons learnt from Reflective Listening
All three were strong experiences to position an individual in a different, more empathetic way. Although listening is someone is often second-nature, taking into account a few of the key concepts described in to the tutorial allowed for a more engaging experience.
Being the listener was much more interesting and natural for me than being the speaker.

Empathetic Modelling
This definitely took me out of my comfort zone and made me more appreciative for being able to see once the glasses were taken off. It positioned me in unfamiliar territory and provided more empathy and a small amount of insight to people who unfortunately have to live with limited site.

IMG_5140 copy 2

Defamiliarisation of Everyday Reality
This exercise didn’t gauge much positive insight from me as public transport is unfortunately a very frequent experience in my day-to-day life. The process, via watching, was just as unenjoyable as it is actually experiencing. I was surprised at how empty the bus was going up King Street/ Enmore Road though. I can never get a seat.



– Georgia