Blog Reflection 4


1) Briefly reflect on the lessons learnt from each exercise.

a) Reflective listening
By nature, I think I am quite a reflective person and usually just let the person I’m taking to speak and offer simple phrases and words like “yes” “ok” “I understand” and “that’s interesting” to give the person validation that I am listening. For some people, that is enough, for others, I think the reflective listening technique can work well – it really depends who you are talking to and what their personality is like.

I think the reflective listening technique is very helpful for me when discussing a complex topic or having something taught to me. It gives the teacher in the scenario validation that what they are saying is being absorbed mindfully. It gives them a chance to see gaps in my understanding or if I have in any way misconstrued the information being presented. In a basic scenario about having a conversation about a simple topic with little depth of difficult concepts, it is not as beneficial.

b) Defamiliarisation of everyday reality
The text which I wrote revealed a lot of things about myself I had not consciously realised before. Doing this activity with two sperate contexts (train and bus) also helped to consolidate my findings and recognise patterns between each scenario. For example, the very first thing I would focus on would be sound and that constituted about a third of my writing. The rest was primarily dedicated to colour palate and my thoughts. I found it interesting that all of my thoughts and reactions I wrote down nearly correlated perfectly with the type of sounds and the quality of sounds in the recording. I never realised how much attention I paid to auditory cues.

c) Empathic Modelling
I found myself focusing on light and the way light behaved a lot more than usual during this activity. We also did an activity where one person closed their eyes and the other directed them where to go and then instructed them to touch an object – I found this activity very interesting because even though my vision was compromised with the cling wrap, I still relied on my compromised vision far more than my other senses. This was really highlighted to me when we did the exercise without sight.

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