1) Briefly reflect on the lessons learnt from each exercise.

a) Reflective listening

From this exercise I realize that I preferred to be a speaker rather than the listener. As a speaker all I need is to express my opinion and what I feel, it is more like a one-way communication which make everything easier. As a listener, you have to pay attention to the speakers’ word as well as making some note and then give the feedback to the speaker, another reason is that I am not good at asking questions, which makes me feel a little bit hard to warm up the conversation.

b) Defamiliarisation of everyday reality

While doing this activity, I can put myself into the scene, but I can’t actually tell what am I feeling at that time. Sometimes I can only say ‘yes I do have similar experience’, but for physical feeling it is really hard to tell as we are not the users or customers, we might have some similarities but maybe that’s not what the customers complaining about. By the way, it is a very good method to obtain the ‘true feelings’, I usually focus more on the emotion and what are they thinking about.

c) Empathic Modelling

In this exercise the light always take my attention as I can’t see things clearly while having the cling wrap on my glasses. I also trying to recognize different people without taking off my glasses. Since everything outside is so blurry, the bright color always being so conspicuous.1