Briefly reflect on the lessons learnt from each exercise:

a. Reflective listening

From this practice, I think that I prefer to be a listener. It is interesting for listening others’ story and  experiences, since you can learn something from this process. As a listener, you have to pay all attention to the speaker, keep thinking about his narration, even record some notes. And I think asking some question or give feedback or feeling is the best reply for speaker’s narration. Speaker is harder than listener for me, because I need to think a lot content before I talking. It is necessary process for me since I am worried about say something wrong.

b. Defamiliarization of everyday reality

This experience makes me realizing some litter things and ignore feeling in my daily life. In fact, I take bus every day and sometimes I also take train. When I watching the bus video, I feel intimately. I always feel hot when I take bus afternoon, and most bus drivers drive quickly. But I play my phone on bus every time, so ignore these feeling. Most times I taking train are having short travel with my friends, so when I saw the train scene, I remembered that happy time.


c. Empathetic modelling

This is the most interesting part of last course. We toke a special glasses which is wrapped by cling wrap and went around the building. I walked hardly and just can saw some color and frame. I also tried to focus on my auditory sense, but it is still hard. However, from this experience, I found some different feeling and built empathy from different angle.

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