Reflective Listening


I preferred talking, it was enjoyable discussing my thoughts, this may have been helped by the fact I know the person I was talking to from out of class. I was surprised by how long I was able to talk about the topic chosen though as I expected I would run out of things to say much earlier. Being the listener was harder as it requires you to pay more attention and you often have to restrain yourself from replying too much so as not to sway the conversation too much. Similarly you are having to devote your attention to taking notes as well.


Defamiliarisation of everyday reality


I didn’t feel much from the train scene, likely as I do not catch trains often. However I felt a lot from the bus scene, it reminded me of frustrations I’ve had with public transport and made me feel feelings such as anger, boredom and irritation. The exercise helped me understand these feelings and made me think about them like I haven’t done before.


Empathic modelling


This exercise gave me the unique experience of seeing the world the way people suffering from vision impairments do. This is obviously an issue that affects many people so it was interesting to see how it makes their lives different from my own. While some tasks were still doable it made other substantially harder and has helped me understand that when designing something it is important to look beyond your own needs.