1.  Briefly reflect on the lessons learnt from each exercise:

    a. Reflective listening:

    I found that was kind of interesting when you listen to other’s story or imagination and just think about yours. I think both talking and listening are fine with me, sometimes I may even surprised by myself when l can’t stop talking, it feels like just there are more and more stuffs out there waiting for me to mention.
    b. Defamiliarisation of everyday reality:

    I take the train everyday when I need to go out, while barely take the bus, so the train scene is quite familiar with me. However, since the train station is not the one that I used to take so I felt a bit unfamiliar and lonely. The bus scene really got me feel worried cause it didn’t have stop announcement, so I have to pay more attention on where I am, how long will it take to my destination. There are just few people on the bus, which makes me felt unsafe.  One good thing is that both the scenes are sunny lovely day, which gives me a good mood.


    c. Empathic modelling:


    I haven’t try to put cling wrap on sunglass before, so this is a special experience for me. After I put on the sunglass, everything is so dim just like I take off my glass. I can barely walk, sound and voice from people around seems so critical to lead my path. I can’t recognize items, so I just took photos of them. The photos are so blurred, like abstract paintings with the cling wrap on the camera, some are even horror.