Briefly reflect on the lessons learnt from each exercise

1) Reflective listening

By listening patiently and replying what the speaker said, I got a more comprehensive anwser of the quetion. It is important to listen the background and exiperence of the speeker to fully understand how they feel and thier motivation.

2) Defamiliarisation of everyday reality

Personally, it was like a daydream when I was watching the train/bus video. Because we are not on the real bus, it is a chance to objectively evaluate the bus trip experience, however, I feel relaxing, even the sound of the bus is a bit loud ,and I did’t found it related to my body. To me, it is more about memory and mind.

 3) Empathic modelling

I am short-sighted but putting a wrap on my glasses is much more ifficult to figure out what’s going on in front of me. The wrap not only blur objects but also the colours, the only information I was receiving is sound and lighting. It is a good method to build empathy with physical constraint in this case, because I have the very similar physical experience