Reflective listening

I found myself more comfortable when being a listener, because i like listening to other people’s story, it gives an in-depth understanding of that person and sometimes a valuable lesson you will never find on book. On the other hand, being a speaker is slightly difficult because i rarely share my personal story to stranger, especially in an interview style conversation.


Defamiliarization of everyday reality

As a student who mainly travel by public transport, it is interesting to see that even a simple video like that could evoke so much emotion when you are being mindful of your thought while watching it, although most of them are negative emotion such as the mundaneness and boredom, it is interesting to see almost everyone in my group have the very similar feelings. As a design student, i think this community implies there is an opportunity to greatly improve our experience in public transport.



Empathetic modeling

We are asked to put the wrap cling on so we are deprived of normal sight, i had to pay extra attention while walking because everything was so blurred that i could not even recognise the person in front of me. However stepping into the shoes of a visually impaired people just reminded me how privileged i am to be able to see clearly. Also i found that this exercise allows me to perceive the world from a whole new perspective, just by putting a wrap cling on, everything i saw seem unfamiliar yet intriguing, i have never had that kind of sensory experience before. This experience just show me how important to be empathetic toward the intended users when designing.