• Briefly reflect on the lessons learnt from each exercise
  1. Reflective listening

My group partner and I both feel being a speaker is more comfortable than a listener. Being a speaker is all about sharing your own thought following the listener’s questions. However, being a listener means, you need to be direct the topic flowing, at the same time, listen patiently. Another difficulty of being a listener, is that you need to think carefully about the questions you ask: does my question make my speaker comfortable? How can I make this conversation fluently? So obviously, being a speaker is more relaxing.

2.Defamiliarisation of everyday reality

The public transportation scene is too familiar for me since it’s my daily life as a student, so when watching the video, I was distracted several times. I found it is challenging to find new perspectives from your everyday routine life. However, when I try to describe my feelings of watching the video, I realize myself used a few negative words like: confused, bored and anxious. Then I realize these feelings are my real reaction to public transportation in Sydney, but since it has became my daily life, these feelings are ignored by myself. This is a meaningful activity, it makes me think of how we can look at things in a new way, then find out the thoughts that have be hidden under the familiar everyday life.

 3.Empathic modelling  

This is the first time for me experiencing this type of experiment, so it is novel for me. Walking with a limited sight is much difficult than I thought. The action, walking also become a bit more dangerous than before, because with the limited sight, my sensation of distance and direction is also limited.

If we are doing this experiment in a public place like the station, it will be more difficult. The environment there is more complex.